ITIL Service Management Architecture
for IBM Rational System Architect

ITIL for IBM Rational System Architect

The SM Architecture Encyclopaedia for Rational System Architect provides a set of over 250 diagrams and the supporting utilities required to help establish a comprehensive, flexible and powerful architecture for ITIL®.

Ultimately, it will help deliver a Service Management System for any size of organisation.

Contents of the SM Architecture Encyclopaedia

In summary, we will provide you with:

- A complete set of ITIL Process Templates for you to adopt or to adapt to your own organisation (and to include in your Service Management System)

The diagrams supplied are process-focused templates built to well-defined standards, are based on the recommendations of the ITIL books. In other words, they are generic processes and not aligned to any specific set of systems. This is important because it is unlikely that an organisation will automate all the processes in its Service Management System using systems from a single supplier.

The diagrams are complemented by a set of well over 80 checklists explaining important concepts and information requirements, together with further supporting documentation.

- Lots of (understandable) supporting documentation

One of the characteristics of the ITIL processes is that they are highly interdependent. Understanding and accounting for this interdependence can be difficult for people who are not familiar with all the processes.

The diagrams have been specially designed to help understand these interrelationships as well as the recommended processes themselves.

- Powerful additional utilities to help maintain your SM Architecture

The SM Architecture Encyclopaedia also includes a set of Service Management utilities to help further develop and manage the architecture for your organisation.

Apart from helping to ensure that the SM Architecture is always maintained in good condition and is appropriately cross-referenced, these utilities will save you and your architecture users highly significant amounts of time.

Resulting in some powerful and important benefits.

Key Benefits of the SM Architecture Encyclopaedia

Some of the key benefits of the SM Architecture Encyclopaedia are:

But perhaps the greatest benefit of all is as a collaboration tool, used to provide a common "big picture" of the ITIL processes and the Service Management System at various stages of development and sophistication.

In other words, it provides a framework and starting point for analysing and agreeing a suitable Service Management System and subsequently, the "blueprint" for its on-going development.

Additional Information

For further information or to arrange a webinar to demonstrate the product and to discuss your needs, please contact us. We will respond, completely without obligation.