High quality Process Templates for managing Services

These are detailed and APMG approved Process Templates for building and understanding how to manage Services, based on the internationally recognised ITIL® best practice guidelines.

The templates are already used in a wide variety of industries by organisations from small to very large.

Service Management Templates: Some important Benefits

IBM ITIL Service Management Templates

They are available on a number of systems, from Microsoft Visio to an advanced version of the templates on IBM's Rational System Architect.

IBM ITIL Process Management Templates

This provides a smooth upgrade path from single user to advanced multi-user and multi-company user where this is required. At the System Architect level additional productivity aids for Service Architects facilitate the management of complex Services.

Further very powerful facilities exist in System Architect to integrate Service Management into the Operating Model and Enterprise Architecture standards you have chosen for your organisation.

IBM ITIL Templates

The ITIL process templates provided are highly informative diagrams that are easily modified to support your organisation's way of working and they come with a large set of checklists and other supporting documents. They are easy to understand and simple to use, even if you or your organisation are not fully familiar with ITIL best practice.

More importantly, they will help to expedite your ITIL (Service Management System) implementation projects and at the same time will save you significant amounts of time and money.

Service Management Process Templates for MS Visio and
IBM Rational System Architect

You can find out a lot more information about the Visio version (all of which is available in System Architect version) at:

Service Management Templates for MS Visio »

For more information on the IBM Rational System Architect version, see:

Service Management Architecture for IBM Rational System Architect »

Additional Information

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